This 4 kanal, 10,000 sq. ft. 5-bed property is located in one of Islamabad’s most desirable, contoured, leveled and green locations of Bani Gala. Constructed with the purpose of retaining Bani Gala’s natural levels, this property is nestled between the Margala hills in the front and Bani Gala hills at the back. The light colour elevation complements the green landscape and its beige tone blocks and two rustic metal trellises give the house a natural wild effect.
Constructed and designed to perfection, the driveway in the entrance leads a to 3-car porch alongside which flows an alluring pool. On the other side of the porch is a relaxing outdoor coffee area. The double-height wide space entrance flows into a majestic interior. An elegant indoor water body, connected to a green patio is located under the staircase. Few of its many unparalleled amenities include an indoor green sitting patio connected to the kitchen and an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and a separate BBQ setup. The efficient design makes the terrace on the first floor connect to the ground floor, the basement made to be treated as part of the ground floor and the drawing room designed at double height. The living room gives you a gorgeous view of the outdoor covered deck, gleaming pool and the spectacular Margala hills. The lush green lawn around the house is visible from almost the whole interior.

Plot size:

4 kanal

Covered area:

10,000 sq. ft.

Total bedrooms:



Bani Gala, Islamabad


A project by Bluearc


  • Sprawling Green
  • Contours and Levels
  • Margala Hills on the Front
  • Bani Gala Hills at the Back


  • Construct the property, retaining the natural level of the site.


  • 2 Rustic Metal Trellises
  • Driveway in Entrance Leading to 3-Car Porch
  • Light Colours to Complement the Green Landscape
  • Beige Colours on Blocks for a Complementary Wild and Natural Effect


  • Beige and neutral tones
  • Geometric feature wall
  • Natural elements


  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Outdoor Covered Deck
  • Connected Green Patio
  • Water Body in the Front
  • Double-Height Drawing Room
  • Margala Hills View from Living Area
  • Indoor Water Body Under the Stairs
  • Outdoor Coffee Area Next to Porch
  • Outdoor Water Body with Living Room
  • Double Height Wide Space in Entrance
  • Terrace Connecting with Ground Floor
  • Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace and a BBQ Setup
  • Outdoor Lawn Visible from Most of the Interior
  • Basement Designed to be Treated Like a Ground Floor
  • Indoor Green Patio for Sitting, Connected to the Kitchen