About Company

Your most trusted developer, designer and builder.

With 10 years of trust, we have completed 400+ residential and 100+ commercial projects.

As a Developer
Following our vision of modern concept of living, Blue Arc as developers offer you luxurious designer villas & commercial projects that include designer apartments and commercial outlets, combining comfort, style, and functionality like never offered before.

As an Architect
Our residential and commercial designs are a reflection of our architects’ years of experience that stands out as avant-garde and unique - an embodiment of form-follows-function and soothing aesthetics.

As a Builder
A great design needs a great execution. Blue Arc constructs projects following premium quality, building meaningful whole out of many parts that stand the test of time.


Our Services

Residential Architecture

With expert architects on board, we unmask our artistic creativity. Our architectural plans and designs are a reflection of our vision of modern living standard and high urban quality. Our servi ...

Commercial Architecture

Our commercial architectural designs are an embodiment of uncompromised luxury, a vast canvas of unique and high-end designs. While creating our commercial designs our priority is comfort and gr ...


We believe construction is an art. Understanding the need of personalization in residential projects and the scale and demand of commercial projects, we know just the right ingredients of perfec ...



Designer Villas

Blue Arc’s modern and lavish villas are a product of precise material selection. The villas offer exclusive experience that allow you to unwind at your convenience while you enjoy our unique features and amenities, including infinity pool, double height dining, Italian kitchen and much more, offering you a sophisticated lifestyle in very competitive prices. From concept to creation, every element of our designer villas speak of opulence.

Designer Commercial Projects

Our commercial projects are aesthetically designed following world-class standards. From high-tech security to smart automation, imported features and enormous parking lot, we offer you not only commercial outlets but also fully furnished designer apartments and luxury of a penthouse in competitive prices. Our holistic and original work drives change and aims to create commendably elegant projects.

The Construction Company


Blue Arc is a pioneering design, construction & development company based in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Blue Arc, as a major development company provides its customers in the Twin cities with exquisite commercial projects and designer villas that combine comfort, style, and functionality like never offered before. Our nationwide services include top-notch architectural services and plans, interior designs, commercial designs as well as state-of-the-art construction. We mobilize our ideas and resources into creating masterpieces. We make your dream residential and commercial projects.


Our team

Dedicated team of hardworking individuals committed to achieving success together with their skills and experience in the design, construction and development world to create a sustainable, futuristic and advanced world.

What Our Clients Say

Our Designed Commercial Projects

We deliver successfully designed state-of-the-art commercial projects with many prestigious clients and companies in diverse market segments including offices, malls, restaurants, commercial buildings with apartments and much more.