Arc 93
A Fusion of Luxury and Convenience at Arc 93

Nestled in the heart of Bahria Spring Phase 7, Arc 93 is an exciting new project by Blue Arc that offers the perfect combination of luxury, convenience, and opportunity. Spanning across an 8 marla plot size, Arc 93 offers a seamless blend of residential and commercial spaces designed to cater to your every need. On the lower ground and ground floors, experience the hustle and bustle of commercial activity with a range of shops and outlets, while the upper floors promise serene residential living with apartments that offer comfort and style.

Our exclusive offer allows you to secure possession within just one year and spread your payments over a convenient two-year instalment plan, ensuring a hassle-free and flexible investment journey.With a prime location in one of the most populated areas of Bahria, Arc 93 boasts unparalleled accessibility. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need just a stone's throw away, from bustling food streets to essential amenities—all within walking distance.

Arc 93 is strategically positioned in the developed area of Bahria Spring Phase 7, offering residents and businesses alike the opportunity to thrive in a vibrant and thriving community.It is a great project for anyone who wants to invest in a profitable project to gain a high return on investment.


Fully Furnished Designer Apartments


Dedicated Car Parking

Modern Commercial Outlets
Studio Apartment

Each studio apartment in Arc 93 is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and functionality, making it an ideal choice for everyone seeking a modern lifestyle. With open floor plans and contemporary finishes, these studios exude an air of sophistication while maintaining a cozy ambiance. The ample natural light streaming in through large windows, highlighting the sleek interiors and designer fixtures.

The living spaces are intelligently laid out to accommodate various living arrangements. The kitchenettes are equipped with high-quality appliances and ample storage, allowing you to unleash your culinary creativity with ease. The bedroom areas offer a peaceful retreat, with plush bedding and ample closet space to store your belongings.

Studio 3D
Studio 3D
Studio 3D
Studio 3D
One-bedroom Apartment

Our one-bedroom apartments offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality, making them an ideal choice for everyone looking for a modern urban lifestyle. Our one-bedroom apartment gives the sense of spaciousness and tranquility. With open floor plans and thoughtfully designed layouts, these apartments maximize natural light and airflow, creating a welcoming and airy atmosphere.

The living areas are elegantly appointed with high-quality finishes and fixtures, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation or entertaining guests. Whether you're lounging on the sofa, enjoying a meal in the dining area, or catching up on work in the study nook, every corner of your apartment exudes style and sophistication.

The bedroom serves as a peaceful retreat, with ample space for a comfortable bed and storage solutions to keep your belongings organized. Wake up to breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and start your day refreshed and inspired. is ideal for those who seek the ultimate fusion of lavish living and distinctive design.

Two-Bed Apartment

In the Two-bedroom apartments you'll be greeted by a spacious and inviting living area that serves as the heart of your home. With an open floor plan and abundant natural light, this space is perfect for relaxing with loved ones or entertaining guests. The well-appointed kitchen is a chef's dream, featuring modern appliances, ample storage, and sleek countertops. Whether you're preparing a gourmet meal or enjoying a quick breakfast at the breakfast bar, cooking in your apartment is a delight.

The two bedrooms offer serene retreats, each with its own en-suite bathroom and ample closet space. Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the master bedroom, which boasts stunning views of the surrounding landscape and a luxurious en-suite bathroom with a walk-in shower.

The second bedroom is perfect for children, guests, or a home office, providing flexibility and versatility to suit your lifestyle needs. With plenty of space to personalize and make your own, each bedroom offers a comfortable and inviting sanctuary.

Studio 3D  apartment on instalment
Studio 3D  apartment on instalment
Studio 3D
Studio 3D
Commercial Floor

As you explore the commercial floor at Arc 93, you'll be greeted by a vibrant atmosphere buzzing with activity and energy. From trendy boutiques and specialty stores to cafes and restaurants, the retail shops offer a diverse range of offerings to cater to every taste and preference.

With prime storefront locations and high visibility, the retail shops at Arc 93 provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services and attract customers from near and far. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur looking to launch a new venture or an established retailer seeking to expand your presence, Arc 93 offers the ideal platform to thrive and succeed.

In addition to retail spaces, the commercial floor at Arc 93 also features modern and functional office spaces designed to inspire productivity and collaboration.

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Best Studio, One-Bedroom, Two-Bedroom Apartments in Bahria Town Islamabad

Located in the Bahria Spring Phase 7, Arc 93 is a new opportunity designed by Blue Arc that includes luxury apartments in Islamabad, convenience, and opportunity. Stretched on an eight-marla land area, Arc 93 offers professional and residential apartments in Islamabad living facilities in perfect coordination with all your required facilities. At the lower level and the first level, you get the commercial zone, where shops and outlets dominate, while the higher floors offer apartment living that is comfortable as well as stylish.

The stated and unique guarantee arranges possession after twelve months. Still, customers can pay off the houses on an affordable installment plan that spans two years, guaranteeing you a smooth and comfortable investment in Islamabad apartments. To put it in detail, Arc 93 has numerous and easy accessibilities, being situated in one of the busiest areas of Bahria. Take advantage of simple, one-stop shopping solutions and easily accessible food and grocery markets that are within walking distance.

Arc 93 is situated ideally in the developed sector of Bahria Spring Phase 7, making it possible for individuals as well as businessmen and women to succeed in business in a rapidly growing society. This is a wonderful idea for those who wish to invest in a successful business that will yield a good return on investment in new apartments in Islamabad and the best apartments in Islamabad.

Fully Furnished Designer Apartments

Arc 93 provides a smart selection of Fully Furnished Designer Apartments equipped with patios and gardens, dedicated parking areas, and contemporary commercial spaces.

Studio Apartment

Every Arc 93 studio apartment features well-planned floor layouts to obtain the right balance of space and ergonomics as per modern living standards. These studios are trendy with their floor plans and finishes and ooze style without making the dwellings feel cramped. Contemporary features include large windows that let in a lot of natural light and illuminate the stylish finish and sophisticated lighting installations.

The residing areas are smartly planned to fit different forms of dwelling. Both kitchens are impeccably furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and lots of space for storage where you can cook to your heart’s content. Bedroom zones provide comfort, a warm atmosphere, comfortable beds, and closets where you can store personal things. No doubt blue arc studio apartment in Islamabad provide you with the best apartment in your loves city.

One-Bedroom Apartments

Our one-bedroom apartments in Bahria, Islamabad are spacious, elegant, and practical for those who value comfort and like living a modern life in Islamabad. The feeling of comfort and privacy is instantly felt with features such as open spaces and carefully considered conceptual plans that allow for the flow of fresh air and natural light.

The living spaces feature tasteful accents, superior materials, and artistry for comfortable accommodations or large-scale social gatherings. The bedroom is for rest and offers enough room to accommodate a large bed and other useful furniture for the storage of personal items. Wake up to stunning scenes from the window and get a boost of energy that will stay with you all day long.

Two-Bed Apartment

In the two-bedroom compact apartments, the living area is the first thing you’ll notice as soon as you enter the house. This layout features an open floor concept and lots of windows to let in great light and for you to unwind with your friends and family. This has a professional kitchen with the latest appliances, plenty of cabinets, shelves, and beautiful granite counters. The two bedrooms provide quiet, private spaces, each with an en suite bathroom and significant closet area.

Start the day renewed in the master bedroom with beautiful views of the outside world, and enjoy the spacious en-suite luxurious bathroom with a walk-in shower. The second bedroom is suitable for children, guests, or a home office to allow for versatility in a home’s usage and adaptability to different requirements.

Modern Commercial Spaces

When you get to the commercial floor while shopping at Arc 93, you will observe that there is a lot of movement and excitement. As for food, cafes, and restaurants are also integrated into the concept of retail shops the offered products are as varied as the preferences and interests of the consumers.

Located in the middle of activity hubs, the retail shops at ‘Arc 93’ are ideal for those businesses that intend to set their sights on potential clients and make a mark in the markets. Besides, the commercial floor at Arc 93 also offers modern and functional retail spaces for offices built to ignite productivity and teamwork. Above the commercial floor are studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, which provide you with the best access.

Arc 93, therefore, can be described as not only a development but also a way of life. Whether one is in the market for a new residence or an office for starting a business, Arc 93 is the ideal location for such a need. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to be in this prime property and be part of the new generation community with excellent features and conveniences.

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Arc 93 is a new development by Blue Arc that offers luxury apartments, commercial spaces, and a convenient location in Bahria Spring Phase 7, Islamabad.
  • Fully furnished designer apartments with patios/gardens and dedicated parking
  • Convenient location with easy access to shops, restaurants, and grocery stores
  • Ideal for business owners and professionals
  • Modern and functional commercial spaces
Arc 93 offers studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments.
  • Well-planned floor layouts for efficient use of space
  • Modern finishes and stylish design
  • Large windows for natural light
  • Impeccably furnished kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances
  • Comfortable bedroom areas with closets
  • Spacious and elegant design
  • Open floor concept for natural light and airflow
  • Tasteful accents and high-quality materials
  • Comfortable living space for entertaining
  • Master bedroom with large windows and en-suite bathroom
  • Second bedroom suitable for a child, guest, or home office
  • Open floor concept living area with plenty of natural light
  • Modern kitchen with high-end appliances and ample storage
  • Two quiet and private bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and closet space
  • Master bedroom with beautiful views and luxurious en-suite bathroom
  • Second bedroom suitable for children, guests, or a home office

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The development is situated in a growing area of Islamabad, making it a potentially good investment opportunity. However, you should always do your own research before making any investment decisions.