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Top Designer Houses for Sale in Islamabad on Installments

Houses for Sale in Islamabad on Installments

Are you in search of houses to buy in Islamabad with installments? Take a look at this complete guide, we'll explore the different options for buying homes in installments within Islamabad. From luxury villas to low-cost apartments, we've got everything to offer. Let's explore and find your ideal home in the center of Pakistan's capital city.

ARC-1065: Luxury House for Sale in Islamabad on Installments

The ARC-1065 Luxury House for Sale in Islamabad, which is a prestigious and highly regarded housing development, provides the chance to purchase luxury homes in the stunning cities of Islamabad. This extraordinary project is created to satisfy the needs and desires of those who seek opulence as well as ease of use. Strategically located in an ideal location ARC-1065 ensures the perfect blend of modern conveniences and peaceful surroundings.


The ARC-1065 project harmoniously blends modern design with breathtaking natural surroundings, giving residents a peaceful and peaceful living space far away from the bustle and noise of city life. Every house in this stunning project is spacious and is thoughtfully constructed to maximize efficiency and comfort.

The interiors are exquisitely constructed, with a meticulous focus on detail and premium workmanship evident throughout. From spacious bedrooms that exude elegant and sophistication to luxurious kitchens that encourage culinary creativity Every aspect of these homes is meticulously designed to create an ambiance that is refined and luxurious. Furthermore, the ARC-1065 set a new standard for luxurious living. It offers residents an array of the best facilities and amenities.


The development is outfitted with the latest security systems that ensure the security and security of each homeowner. Furthermore, well-groomed gardens as well as lush green parks and recreation areas provide residents with plenty of space to relax and relax in the beauty of nature. If you're looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle,

Regarding the installment plan, ARC-1065 seeks to make homeownership more accessible and easy for potential buyers. The project provides flexible installment plans that permit customers to make low monthly payments, enabling them to make the desire to own a luxury home possible.

In the end, ARC-1065 is the ultimate in luxurious life in Islamabad. Its prime site, outstanding design, top-of-the-line amenities, and a range of flexible payment options, the project is an undisputed sign of luxury and exclusivity.

Key Features of ARC-1065

  1. Modern infrastructure and architecture
  2. Guarded community with 24-hour security
  3. Lush green landscaped gardens
  4. Access to major highways as well as transportation networks.
  5. 2-Car Porch
  6. 3 Bedrooms
  7. Double-height space in the Entrance
  8. Open TV Lounge on the Ground and First Floor
  9. Double Height Dining Room
  10. Greasy and Open Kitchen
  11. A Study Space with a Terrace
  12. Open to Sky Patio
  13. Breakfast Area
  14. Powder Room
  15. Indoor Plants
  16. Indoor Bridge
  17. Front Lawn

ARC-135: House for Sale in Islamabad

If you're in the market for houses for sale in Islamabad, especially with the option of paying through installments, then ARC-135 is a great option. This attractive housing scheme stands out because it offers low-cost options, without compromising on high-end construction or the amenities offered. If you look at the advantages and potential return on investment in ARC-135, it is clear that this housing plan is a great choice for those looking for their ideal home for starting out as well as those seeking an investment opportunity with potential.

ARC-135 is gaining recognition for meeting the demand for affordable housing options that are within the average consumer's budget. The affordability aspect is maintained by offering high-quality living spaces that incorporate contemporary design elements as well as an array of essential features. This way, ARC-135 ensures that residents have a pleasant and convenient life without having to spend to the limit of their resources. If you or your family is who are looking to buy a home in the very first place, ARC-135 proves to be an excellent option.

If you're searching for homes within Islamabad or a large house, ARC-135 has solutions that meet a variety of needs and budgets. In addition, ARC-135 satisfies the requirements of potential homeowners and investors, but it also provides an excellent possibility for investors. Due to its strategic location at Islamabad and the continuous development within the region, ARC-135 holds strong potential to grow and increase the value of property.


A property investment in real estate could yield huge returns in the future, which makes it a smart financial choice for those with a progressive mentality. Furthermore, ARC-135 understands the importance of accessibility for its residents. The scheme provides various modern facilities and amenities designed to increase the living experience. From well-maintained playgrounds and parks to community centers as well as recreational areas, ARC-135 makes sure that residents are able to access essential amenities and recreation spaces within their immediate area.

ARC-135 is a great option to those who are looking for affordable homes for sale with monthly installments within Islamabad. Offering affordable options without losing the quality of the housing, this scheme meets the needs of those looking for their ideal first home as well as investors looking for an investment opportunity that is attractive. The variety of housing units and modern amenities made the ARC-135 a desirable option for anyone who is looking to purchase an investment home in Islamabad.   

Benefits of ARC-135

  1. Flexible installment plans that can be adapted to your budget
  2. Community well-planned and centered on sustainable living.
  3. Close proximity to healthcare facilities, educational institutions facilities, as well as commercial areas
  4. Modern and stylish construction with high-end amenities.
  5. Possibility of high returns on investments in the near future
  6. Double-Height Entrance Lobby
  7. Double-Height Dining
  8. Spacious Courtyard
  9. Two Master Bedrooms
  10. Three Bedrooms
  11. Fine and easy kitchen
  12. Home Theater
  13. Bedrooms with terraces

ARC-205: House for Sale in Islamabad

The ARC-205 project offers a unique and highly appealing chance for homeowners who are interested in achieving their dreams of having a modern residence located in the bustling capital city of Islamabad and also enjoy the benefit of flexible installments. This project was carefully designed to meet the desires and needs of people who are looking for a modern living space. It features modern and elegant styles that embody contemporary aesthetics in architecture. One of the most striking aspects of ARC-205 is its dedication to delivering top-quality materials, making sure that every space of these homes exudes the utmost elegance and sophistication.

The developers have made no sacrifices in procuring top-quality materials, as well as employing highly skilled artisans to make an impressive visual display that will captivate the attention of every visitor to the. Apart from its visual attraction, ARC-205 has numerous amenities that are designed to improve the overall quality of life for the residents. From the lush green spaces that encourage peace and tranquility to fitness centers that are well-equipped and promote an active and healthy lifestyle, this residential project is designed to provide a balance between practicality and luxury.


In addition, residents have the comfort of a clubhouse where social gatherings and other events can be planned, creating the sense of community. The purchase of ARC-205 ensures a stylish and luxurious living space, it can also be a smart investment in the financial future. Since the demand for housing in Islamabad is increasing, homes in prime areas such as ARC-205 will likely see significant appreciation in the coming years. When you purchase a house within this project for housing, investors will benefit from capital gains over the long term while having the convenience and comfort of a well-designed, feature-rich residence.

Overall, ARC-205 provides an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to buy an elegant house in Islamabad with flexible installments. With modern designs as well as top quality finishes, and a variety of facilities, this house project will not only provide the highest quality of life as well as an enticing investment in the future.


Features of ARC-205

  1. Innovative architectural design that pays an eye for the smallest details
  2. The spacious layouts and the stylish interiors
  3. Recreational facilities include gyms, swimming pools and a sports court
  4. The proximity the major districts for business as well as commercial centers
  5. Access to public transportation as well as major roads
  6. Two Stories
  7. Five Bedrooms (2 Master Bedrooms)
  8. Five Bathrooms
  9. Powder Washroom
  10. Three Living Rooms
  11. Drawing Room
  12. Three Kitchens
  13. Store Room
  14. Front & Back Terrace
  15. Servant Quarter
  16. Separate Dressings
  17. Dining Room
  18. Designated Laundry
  19. Theater Room
  20. Gym
  21. Study Area
  22. Connecting Bridges

The ARC-18: Luxury Designer Villa for Sale in Islamabad

ARC-18 is a wildly well-known and highly praised housing project located in Islamabad that has caught the attention of a lot of people seeking high-end and modern housing options. It offers a range of well-designed houses available for sale in convenient monthly installments, the project has earned a name for quality. One of the main aspects that set ARC-18 above the rest is its modern design. The houses in this plan are sleek in their architectural designs that seamlessly combine modern design with practicality. 

The homes have been carefully designed with care to every little detail These homes are a reflection of elegance and class. The designers have created an aesthetically pleasing balance between design and function so that the residents truly enjoy the best of modern living. Alongside its impressive style, ARC-18 also prides itself in its spot. In a sought-after part of Islamabad, It provides a tranquil and serene setting, yet is situated near major cities and facilities. Residents of ARC-18 have the most desirable of both worlds: the peacefulness of a rural retreat as well as the convenience of urban living. 

In addition, ARC-18 provides a wealth of extraordinary amenities that can satisfy the needs and wants of the residents. With lush, green spaces and running trails for the fitness-minded to the community centres and sporting facilities that allow for entertainment and socializing This project is designed to build a lively and welcoming community. The developers have made no sacrifices to provide a complete living space, making sure that residents can access the essential amenities needed for a relaxed and satisfying life. 

All in all, ARC-18 stands out as an example of modern life in Islamabad. Its contemporary design along with its prime location and a wide array of amenities make it a sought-after housing plan. It doesn't matter if you are looking for an elegant home for their family, or an investment opportunity that is smart, ARC-18 provides a unique living experience that combines comfort, luxury and a sense of community.

Reasons to Choose ARC-18

  1. Modern architectural design and top construction quality
  2. A variety of dimensions and sizes to meet the needs of different people
  3. Smart home integration features that provide security and convenience
  4. The proximity to schools hospitals, educational institutions, and shopping malls
  5. Gorgeously designed green areas as well as recreation space
  6. 2-Car Porch
  7. Lush Lawn
  8. Terraces
  9. Skylight
  10. Store
  11. 3 Bedrooms
  12. Kitchenette
  13. Indoor Zen Patio
  14. Family Lounge
  15. Open Kitchen
  16. Two Connecting Bridges
  17. Media Walls in Living Room
  18. Balcony Giving Patio View
  19. Mommy and has a Kitchenette and Bathroom
  20. A Master Bedroom with an Attached Bathroom

 Project Name



Installment Plans


 Plot#1065, Street#8, Overseas 6, Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi/Islamabad

2Double Height Dining Room

Greas-Car Porch

3 Bedrooms

Double-Height Space in the Entrance

Open TV Lounge on the Ground and First Floory and Open Kitchen

Study Room with Terrace

Open to Sky Patio

Breakfast Area

Powder Room

Indoor Plants

Indoor Bridge

Front Lawn

Versatile choices installment plans


Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Double-Height Entrance Lobby

Double-Height Dining

Spacious Courtyard

Two Master Bedrooms

Three Bedrooms

Greasy and fine kitchen

Home Theater

Bedrooms with terraces

Versatile choices installment plans


Plot #145, Street #28, Overseas Sector 1, Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Classical Style Exterior and Interior

A circular Staircase in the Entrance

Circular Double Height Void with Dome

Green Patio Next to the Stairs

Centralized Outdoor Patio

Covered Terraces

5 Bedrooms

Green Area

Versatile choices installment plans

In the end, many homes are available for purchase in Islamabad in installments, which cater to a variety of budgets, tastes and areas. If you're looking for the best of both worlds affordability, or contemporary living spaces, these homes provide a variety of choices. Check out the advantages, features and installment plans of each project to make an informed choice. Begin the journey to find the perfect home for you in Islamabad today