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Top 5 Interior Designers in Islamabad, Pakistan

Best Interior Designers in Islamabad

Interior design can transform any space into a truly magical and aesthetically pleasing place. If it is thoughtfully designed, you like to spend more time in your home or office. Additionally, it gives you a warm and cozy vibe.

Interior designers use creativity and structural engineering to turn your spaces into attractive ones with a truly functional approach. Therefore, people are likelier to get a home or office with the best interior designs. Let us ease your search for expert interior designers in Islamabad, Pakistan by introducing our best designer.

Blue Arc is Islamabad's leading residential and commercial design company. We are known for its cutting-edge aesthetic and immaculate devotion to precision. Our residential design services are the best option for individuals seeking unmatched expertise and creative perfection. 

Top Interior Designers in Islamabad

Trends in interior design change with time. In 2024, people will be interested in finding innovative homes that prefer sustainable resources. The reason is that we are becoming more conscious of the environment.  Blue Arc is known for its reputation for designing spaces that surpass expectations. We have a team of the best interior designers in Islamabad, Pakistan. Meet Blue Arc's treasures. 

1.       Waleed Mashoor

Waleed Mansoor is a dynamic Architect in Blue Arc Design and Architect Company. He is an innovative architect with a Bachelor of Architecture from Hazara University. His extensive knowledge and experience span the fields of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture, demonstrating his versatility. Waleed's inventive approach and intricate approach to minute details make him an invaluable asset in charge of interior projects as a skilled interior designer in Islamabad, Pakistan. His smooth collaborations and contributions to the firm's holistic vision make him an essential team member of the design wing. Waleed is a great asset to the Blue Arc team because he is dedicated to finding new and creative ways to solve design problems and helps bring together different aspects to create beautiful and functional environments.

2.       Umar Nazir

With a Master of Project Management from Bahria University and a Bachelor of Architecture from COMSATS University, Umar Nazir, MPCATP (A-08001), brings a wealth of home interior design knowledge to Blue Arc. Within his five years of experience, he is particularly skilled in Interior Visualization, project execution, and management. With his expertise in software-based visualization, Umar guides material selection and purchase. His varied portfolio includes innovative work for Army Messes in Rawalpindi and Lahore. Umar's unwavering commitment to providing top-notch, all-encompassing design solutions is demonstrated by his involvement in more than fifty breathtaking residential projects in Rawalpindi.

3.       Fahad Rizwan


A renowned architect with a Bachelor of Architecture from BNU, Fahad Rizwan has been with Blue Arc for seven years, providing invaluable design experience. He is a guest juror at NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology Multan and is skilled in architecture, home interior design in Islamabad, Pakistan, and furniture manufacturing. 

Some of Fahad's revolutionary projects include the Royale Palm Marquee, the Core Commander office makeover, and the Rose City Housing Society's urban planning. His wide range of abilities has allowed him to work on cultural and commercial initiatives, including those at the National Music Academy and Redstone Digital Services. 

As a reflection of Blue Arc Design and Architect Company's values, Fahad's design acumen is felt worldwide. Interiors of Qatari villas to the visualization of an Amsterdam apartment building manifest his global design aesthetics.

4.   Sheraz Muhammad

With a Bachelor of Architecture from the UET Abbottabad campus, where he received the esteemed Gold Medal, Sheraz Muhammad is the best interior designer in Islamabad,Pakistan and a PCATP member (registration number A-09702). He is very skilled in architecture, interior design, and landscaping design

Sheraz excels in creating novel ideas and designs by putting theoretical knowledge into practice. He stands out because of his exceptional eye for aesthetics and mastery of the design process's many moving parts. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and knack for transforming abstract ideas into visually beautiful and functional plans, Sheraz has made a lasting impression on some projects, including home interiors and elevations.

5.  Sadaf Mohsin

An MBA from Foundation University and an interior design accreditation from Hunerkada Institute provide Sadaf the commercial acumen and home design in Pakistan Islamabad knowledge that Blue Arc needs. Interning with Cash Loma and working with Sohail and Fawad Architects are just a few milestones along her influential path. Sadaf has impacted many projects, including the Islamabad Club, Behbud Cafe, the PTA office in F6 Islamabad, and the GOC home in Jehlum. Core Commander House in Rawalpindi and Officers Mess in Head Marala, Sialkot, are only two military settings with her influence. With unique notable achievements, Sadaf's multifaceted expertise contributed to Blue Arc's revolutionary elegance and functionality in design.

Why Do You Need Expert Assistance From Top Designer?

Interior designers are crucial in creating beautiful, functional, and comfortable spaces that improve our quality of life. Hiring the best interior designers in Islamabad can transform your dream home into reality with excellent craftsmanship. They are experts who work with architects and builders to ensure that the planning and execution of construction and remodeling projects deliver on these aspects.

Blue Arc Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

Blue Arc is a reliable name for providing excellent home designs and interior design solutions in Islamad. Our team of professionals consists of seasoned interior designers in Islamabad.  

Get ready to explore the transformative world of residential design with our next blog featuring Ma'am Afroz Khan, the visionary Principal Architect at Blue Arc. Get an insight into her art of crafting homes that tell stories in our upcoming blog.

Get in touch with us to discuss your concept of a dream home. Our residential design experts can design an exclusive home for you where you can enjoy the best time with your family and build a strong future with ultimate comfort. 


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