This house is part residential, part lawn. Its fair-face elevation comes with a 4-car porch and has stone details and rustic metals, i.e., a clean front that promises comfort within. The main entrance of the door is clad in the wooden louvers of the front façade. A massive house with six bedrooms that includes four master suites, all of which have their own separate sitting area, a small space to enjoy yourself or the company of a beloved. A beautiful, sunken outdoor patio connecting with the main entrance through the bridge, visible from the house, is a refreshing touch of green that soothes the soul. The design of the house includes the addition of a multipurpose hall and home gym. Want a quiet space to read, study and work with focus? You have a study and library area to go to. There is a separate coffee corner to spend quality fun and relaxing time. You would \want to make it your new home.

Plot size:

2.5 kanals

Covered area:

8000 sq. ft.

Total bedrooms:


Total floors:



Phase 7, Bahria Town Rawalpindi/Islamabad


  • Stones
  • Fair-Face
  • 4-Car Porch
  • Rustic Metal


  • Beige Colour Scheme
  • Fair-Face Feature Walls
  • Main Door Camouflaged in Wooden Louvers


  • Gym
  • Skylights
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • Hanging Planters
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Study/Library Area
  • Separate Coffee Corner
  • 1 Kanal For House, 1 Kanal For Lawn
  • Partial Double-Height Drawing Room
  • 4 Master Suites with Separate Sitting Area
  • Outdoor Patio in the Centre of the House Visible from the House
  • Sunken Patio Connecting with Main Entrance Through the Bridge