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4th Health Marathon

Run for Health
A healthy life not only changes your body but also your attitude, mind and soul.
Blue Arc organized 4th health marathon in collaboration with Bahria Town. The marathon was divided into 2 races that took place on March 20th, 2022 and March 27th, 2022 from Safari Club to Mini Golf Club and at Butterfly Country Club respectively.
Race 1 and race 2 of the 4th Health Marathon ended successfully.
All age groups participated with full enthusiasm and courage making it to the finish line.
All participants were awarded certificates and refreshments and winners were awarded shields, certificates and gift hampers by the chief guest.
The closing ceremony for race 1 and 2 of the 4th health marathon was held to commemorate the achievements of all the participants. Winners from each category and age group were awarded shields, certificates and gift hampers from Blue Arc to applaud their victory. All the participants were awarded certificates for their commendable courage.
Blue Arc will continue promoting sports to provide opportunities and inspire athletes and individuals to participate in healthy competitions and physical activities assisting individuals and society to flourish.